An office for OB services near St. Charles County, MO

Get ready for a comfortable experience

If you’ve ever experienced being rushed in and out of your doctor’s office, you’ll love coming to Dr. Hazan’s office.  But don’t get too comfortable, Dr. Hazan doesn’t keep you waiting long.  You’ll find the doctor takes a personal interest in each patient, and takes the time to get to know you, not just your chart.  That means when you have questions, Dr. Hazan takes the time to answer them, so you understand all phases of treatment.

Care that’s convenient, and affordable

Office hours are designed for you, not the doctor.  So you’ll be glad to know he offers early morning and evening hours for your convenience.  Same-day appointments are available for emergencies, and Dr. Hazan remains on call 24 hours a day for his existing patients.

Of course, the best care in the world is useless if you can’t afford it.  So Dr. Hazan offers a number of payment options.  First, your insurance is welcome.  He accepts a number of major plans (including Group Health Plan), plus MasterCard and Visa.  In addition, he can work out an individual payment plan when other options aren’t available.

The 90 Second Solution

If you have abnormal or excessive uterine bleeding there is a procedure to eliminate this problem that takes 90 seconds.

It is safe, painless and very effective. NovaSure is done as an out-patient procedure and If childbearing is no longer desired it is the ideal solution to excessive, irregular periods. If you are interested or know of someone who might benefit from this treatment, please contact Dr. Hazan and you may receive a pamphlet describing the ideal solution to heavy, irregular uterine bleeding.