Over 30 Years of Experience

Dr. Hazan has delivered over 6,000 babies, so yours will be well taken care of!

Doctor and Educator

Dr Hazan has served as a professor at Washington University School of Medicine and the St. Louis University School of Medicine

Personalized Care

With two locations and easy appointment scheduling, Dr Hazan wants his patients to have the best experience possible!

OB Doctor Providing Prenatal Care Services in Bridgeton, MO

If you’re looking for an experienced doctor to provide OB-GYN treatment, look no further. Dr. Hazan has been serving the Bridgeton and St. Charles, MO, areas for over 32 years. You can trust Dr. Hazan and the medical professionals at Advanced OB-GYN Services to provide personal attention and professional treatment for all your OB-GYN needs.

Along with being a board-certified OB doctor, Dr. Hazan instructs students at Washington University Medical School and St. Louis University Medical School and provides expertise at six hospitals in the area.

prenatal care services in Bridgeton, Dr. Hazan
A baby delivered by our OB GYN in Bridgeton, MO
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Healthy Babies Begin With Healthy Mommies

During the past 30 years, Dr. Hazan has delivered over 6,000 babies. He offers advanced in-office testing, like ultrasound and amniocentesis, to monitor your baby’s health.

In addition, your pregnancy can be made easier with Dr. Hazan’s exercise program, crafted perfectly for mothers-to-be.  Dr. Hazan wants to be with you through each step of your pregancy to ensure you are happy & healthy because healthy babies begin with healthy mommies.

We believe that every mother deserves to have a healthy baby. Dr. Hazan works to ensure that women in Bridgeton and St. Charles, MO, stay healthy before, during, and after pregnancy. We’re there with your through the whole process to answer your questions or concerns and help you deliver a happy, healthy baby.

Infertile Couples Will Find Hope!

You’ll find Dr. Hazan and his staff to be compassionate, understanding, and supportive people. If you’ve had difficulty conceiving, he can offer a number of fertility options, including delicate microsurgery to repair tubes, and ovulation induction.

He can even refer you to a qualified sub-specialist should you require one, but rest assured that Dr. Hazan will be with you throughout the entire fertilization process.

If you have had difficulty getting pregnant, the staff at Advanced OB-GYN Services provides compassionate and supportive treatment. Dr. Hazan offers different fertility options to couples in St. Charles or Bridgeton, MO, including ovulation induction and microsurgery. No matter which treatment you choose, we’re with you through the whole process.

For Good Health Throughout Your Life

Dr. Hazan believes in preventing health issues, not just treating the problems. No matter your age, you can see your local OB doctor for your annual exam to make sure you’re as healthy as possible. Along with OBGYN exams and treatments, we also provide nutritional counseling and exercise advice. Good fitness is essential to your health.

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Your health is important to us! We have two convenient locations in the St. Charles, MO, area. Schedule an appointment with us today at (314) 291-2140 or (636) 928-1800, or use our online contact page to send us a message.

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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hazan’s for 30 years! Which proves I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. My two daughters even go there now. He’s delivered 6 of my grand babies! I just hope he doesn’t retire before I do! He’s very good at what he does and always answered all my questions. He is genuinely concerned for my well being and that of my daughters! A+ from me!!
Verified Patient
I liked Dr Hazan right away. He’s seems very kind and professional. I was at ease with him. His staff is professional and very friendly which is important to me. A doctor can be a great doctor, but if his staff is abrupt and rude I won’t return. I highly recommend Dr Hazan – and his staff.
Verified Patient
Dr. Hazan has always been wonderful! My mother and I have gone to him for years. He makes an uncomfortable situation as quick, easy, and comfortable as possible. He also takes the time to ask questions and listen to any concerns, offer advice, and explain any necessary treatments. The staff are awesome too!
Verified Patient
I would like to thank Dr.Hazan for the chance to have 2 more children. I had a tubal reversal done in March of 2008. I had my second child in April of 2009. I later became pregnant in 2015 and I recently gave birth to my 3rd child. I didn’t have any complications and had her at the age of 42. So,if you would like to have more children a tubal reversal is possible with amazing results. Age didn’t even seem like a factor because I had the tuboplasty done at 35 years old. I saw Dr.Hazan at his DePaul office during both pregnancies. I would highly recommend him and his knowledgable staff for your ob/gyn needs.
Verified Patient

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