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Dr. Joseph Hazan M.D., F.A.C.O.G

Dr. Joseph Hazan, a dedicated and professional OB-GYN based in St. Peters, Missouri, provides patients with comprehensive healthcare built on a foundation of total well-being. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German, Dr. Hazan’s patient-centric approach extends to all his interactions, empowering patients to achieve and maintain their health and fitness.

Born and educated in Turkey, Dr. Hazan began his medical journey at Ege University where he earned his Medical Degree. His passion for healthcare and commitment to patient care led him to further his education in the United States. He completed his internship at Deaconess Hospital, followed by a residency at St. Louis University, building a robust foundation for his future medical career.

Renowned for his exceptional skills and commitment, Dr. Hazan holds certification from the prestigious American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Further validating his proficiency, he is a respected member of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an institution recognized for its dedication to the improvement of women’s health care.

In addition to providing top-tier medical services, Dr. Hazan also served on the teaching faculty of the St. Louis University School of Medicine and the Washington University School of Medicine. His contributions to these esteemed institutions highlight his commitment to the development of future healthcare professionals.

Today, patients visiting Dr. Hazan at Advanced OB-GYN Services can avail of a comprehensive range of obstetric and gynecological services. These include annual gynecological examinations, ultrasound, genetic counseling, infertility consultations, osteoporosis evaluations, and advice on contraception. Dr. Hazan’s dedication extends beyond his professional life. In his free time, he enjoys engaging in various hobbies such as photography, reading books, and watching movies. His holistic approach to life mirrors his approach to patient care, making him one of the most trusted OB-GYNs in St. Peters, Missouri.

Haley Michelle Clark, Nurse Practitioner

We are thrilled to announce that Haley Michelle Clark, an accomplished Nurse Practitioner, is the newest member of the AMA team. She is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and a highly experienced member of the Advanced OB-GYN family. Haley will be working in tandem with Dr. Hazan, focusing on delivering comprehensive gynecological care at our Bridgeton and St. Peters locations in Missouri.

Haley's fervor for nursing was evident as she pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the esteemed Barnes Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing, located in Saint Louis, MO. Her hard work and dedication to her studies were recognized as she graduated Cum Laude, a testament to her academic prowess and commitment to healthcare.

For the past six years, Haley has been deeply involved in pediatric emergency nursing. During this time, she astutely combined her passion for traveling with her devotion to nursing, working as a travel nurse. This unique experience allowed Haley to aid a diverse range of patients across different environments, thereby broadening her scope of practice and perspective.

While in California, Haley took another significant step in her career. She pursued her Master's degree at the University of Texas at Arlington, earning her degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Throughout her master's program, Haley gained invaluable hands-on experience during her clinical trainings at various facilities. She honed her skills in family practice and women's health, treating patients with a wide range of diagnoses, encompassing hypertension, diabetes, skin conditions, and weight and pain management.

What sets Haley apart is her holistic approach to patient care. She firmly believes in addressing the root cause of a problem rather than merely treating symptoms. This philosophy aligns with her interest in chronic disease management and her strong advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

Following her time in California, Haley felt a strong calling to return to Missouri. She's eager to fulfill her passion as a provider, aiding and educating patients in her home state. Haley's primary goal is to guide her patients towards a healthier lifestyle, helping them effectively manage chronic diseases. With Haley Clark on board, we're confident that we can elevate the standard of care at our Bridgeton and St. Peters locations.

Faviola Marin, Nurse Practitioner

Faviola Marin is a professional in the health care area who has more than 20 years of career experience and entrepreneurship. Faviola is a graduate of the Rómulo Gallegos School of Medicine in her native Venezuela where, after graduation, she was in charge of the primary and comprehensive health care of the pediatric and adult population of a large urban community she served, a service that included gynecological and obstetric control of women with uncomplicated pregnancies and subsequent evaluation of newborns. 

After completing her year of service, Faviola moved to ST Louis, MO to be with her family and to develop professionally. Eager to learn and quickly gain experience in the area of surgery, Faviola completed studies at STLCC and began working in the Operating room of Mercy Hospital as a Surgical technician; she acquired great knowledge as part of the surgical team, under the guidance of multiple recognized surgeons of our region. But Faviola has a very great devotion to medicine and in his desire to evolve professionally, she completed her bachelor's degree in nursing at Goldfarb school of nursing in St Louis, which allowed her to return to the OR as a BSN. This expanded Faviola's experience and learning even more, but she missed the clinical service to her patients, and in order to integrate all the knowledge and experiences acquired during all those years of arduous preparation, Faviola decided to complete her studies in nursing and thus completed her MSN at her alma mater BJC Goldfarb school of nursing. For 9 years now in her new role as an Adult Nurse Practitioner she has provided services as Primary care and Urgent care provider for multiple communities in the St Louis area including North ST Louis, Downtown, Eureka and Creve Coeur. 

Faviola continues her professional development by actively seeking opportunities for advanced training and certifications in her field. Staying updated with the latest medical advancements and treatments enhance her ability to provide high-quality patient care. Additionally, fostering strong interdisciplinary collaborations and communication skills will ensure effective teamwork and patient satisfaction. Furthermore, Faviola prioritizes self-care to maintain her own physical and emotional well-being, enabling her to consistently deliver compassionate healthcare. By continuously improving her knowledge and nurturing a holistic approach to healthcare, she can excel in her role and positively impact the lives of her patients. 

"I am a family oriented woman, mother of one, and the person who cares for all my loved ones. I think of patient as family as well, which has helped me to deliver the healthcare they deserved" 

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