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Precocious Puberty

Breast development in girls before age 8 is considered as precocious puberty. This is related to the first stage of puberty which is gonadarche and is related to the activation of estrogen production in the ovaries as signals initiated from the hypothalamic portion of the brain are sent to the pituitary which then are relayed […]

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New Endometriosis Research

New endometriosis research indicates that the endometrial tissue which is in the endometrial cavity or other organs finds blood supply through angiogenesis, development of vessels, which results in inflammatory reaction and cytokine release and induction of TF (tissue factor). In order to eliminate TF a new compound called ICON (Immuno Conjugate).

In the sequence of clotting […]

Premature Ovarian Failure

This is the failure of ovarian function prior to 40 years of age. The pituitary hormone which stimulates the ovary to produce follicles (FSH) is high, but the ovary does not respond and consequently the serum estradiol levels are low. Periods are typically scant and rare. Some of the women with this condition may have […]

Omega-6’s vs Omega-3’s

Linoleic acid (LA) which is an omega-6 fatty acid and Alpha-Linolenic acid (LnA) which is an omega-3 fatty acid are both needed in the diet since neither can be produced by the body. That is why they are called essential fatty acids. On the other hand EPA , DHA and AA can be produced by […]

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PUFA’s and EFA’s

PUFA’s are the polyunsaturated fatty acids and the EFA’s are essential fatty acids. Over the past few days we have been going over the benefits of these, especially of DHA and EPA, before and during pregnancy and while nursing. The omega-6′s are in abundant supply in the typical US diet due to the high consumption […]

Robotic Surgery

Microinvasive and robotic surgery provide improved precision and shorter recovery. The da Vinci Surgical System was introduced in 1999 by Intuitive Surgical and has gain wider acceptance. The surgeon sits at a console and robotic arms are used to produce the finer movements that are required for dissection, suturing and knot tying. The precision achieved […]

Healthy Nutrition and Olive Oil

Healthy Nutrition is based on research done to help promote health. We will start with the health benefits of olive oil. A study published this year showed that olive oil polyphenols and omega 3 fatty acids in fish will help reduce atherosclerosis between 54% and 61%. Olive oil increases the HDL (beneficial) cholesterol and lowers […]

Pelvic ultrasound

Pelvic ultrasound based on sound waves helps visualize pelvic structures. During pregnancy screening and details of fetal anatomy can be imaged. Specialized ultrasounds in pregnancy will be addressed tomorrow under the OB ultrasound.

The most common reasons for obtaining a pelvic pregnancy are to help diagnose the causes of pelvic pain, painful periods, heavy and irregular […]

Pelvic Pain Questions

As previously discussed in our blog under Pelvic Pain some causes of pelvic pain are non-gynecologic and could be related to muscles, bladder, bones, joints, nerves, lymph nodes, bladder or bowel. To help elucidate the source of pelvic pain this brief questionnaire is helpful:

1) Do you have a problem with diarrhea or constipation? Does the […]


Hyperlipidemia is having abnormally high blood levels of fats such as lipoproteins, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. This could be due to hereditary or intake factors. One in five women under 44 have this condition. About half of women over 65 have this problem. Women who have this condition are prone to heart attacks and 500,000 […]