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More On Smoking

It is known that Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict. In addition, there are more than 4000 toxic substances in cigarettes that are harmful to the entire human body. That means there’s 4001 more reasons to quit smoking now!

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Substance Abuse is Toxic and Lethal

Universal screening is now being recommended to detect extremely dangerous substance abuse. This type of simple screening consists of being alert to the fact that every segment of the population is vulnerable to this problem. About 10% of women age 14 to 44 actually require treatment for addiction.

On the other hand only 15% of those […]

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The True Cost of Smoking


Frequently, when I tell patients to use a smoking cessation program, they are concerned primarily about the cost of a given program. However, the terrible toll of smoking has to be our primary concern. Consider these smoking related facts:

1) Smokers are at a much higher risk of most cancers. The most common among these are, […]

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