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Endometriosis affects females of the reproductive age. The inner lining ofthe uterus is called endometrium. This inner lining is normally built up monthly and shed during the period. Endometriosis consists of this type of endometrial tissue being found outside the uterus, in various areas. It usually manifests itself as nodules, lesions, implants or growths. More […]

Precocious Puberty

Breast development in girls before age 8 is considered as precocious puberty. This is related to the first stage of puberty which is gonadarche and is related to the activation of estrogen production in the ovaries as signals initiated from the hypothalamic portion of the brain are sent to the pituitary which then are relayed […]

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Heavy Periods

About one third of women may experience heavy menses. If you have to use pads or tampons every hour, using two pads, a tampon with a pad, this is considered heavy. Also passing clots, soiling of the linen at night or a period lasting longer than a week is excessive. Sometimes there is dizziness, fatigue […]

Treatments for Abnormal Periods

Some of the treatments will restore periods to normal, while others will stop the periods.

1) If the abnormal bleeding is caused by lack of ovulation either starting ovulation or regulating the cycles can control the bleeding. This is usually done with birth control pills or cyclic progesterone.

2) In cases of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) diet,exercise,weight […]

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Painful Periods

This problem, also known as DYSMENORRHEA is the most common female health issue.

70% of teenagers have this problem.

15% of those have severe symptoms.

10 % of women with severe symptoms have pelvic abnormalities ( e.g. endometriosis).

These are the primary reasons for painful periods:

1) Smoking

2) Heavy periods

3) Low fish intake

4) Depression and anxiety

5) Sexual abuse

The following are […]