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Your health and well-being before pregnancy have
significant bearing on your pregnancy and baby.

One of the common issues is excess weight and
weight gain, which can predispose to gestational
diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is much better to address this issue before
becoming pregnant.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant soon,
please contact me and see me to find out […]

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During your prepregnancy visit we focus on your health
history, family history, any medications you take and
previous pregnancies.

Diet and lifestyle are the most important areas, because
these two factors are more important than heredity or
familial factors that may influence your health.

Issues such as diabetes, previous history of heart disease
or heart murmur, high blood pressure or blood diseases […]

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When you are planning to become pregnant it is very helpful to review your health history and any medications you take.

Herbal products, even vitamins and especially drugs you take, including over the counter ones may have undesired effects on your pregnancy.

Weight, diet and lifestyle choices are important. If you have been taking medications for diabetes, high blood pressure or acne let […]

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It is very helpful for you to get a pre-pregnancy checkup.
This is good for you and for your baby.

We need to review any medical issues or questions.
Also we need to see the medications you might use.
If there are any lifestyle changes to be made, this is
a great time.

Diet and Folic acid supplementation are two key […]

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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

It is very important to have an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals especially during pregnancy. The main ingredients required as building blocks are essential aminoacids along with the following vitamins and minerals which must be taken as supplements even though foods contain these nutrients to some extent.
Folic Acid is highly important in the formation of cells and neurological development. Deficiency leads to neural tube […]


According to recent research, nutrition during pregnancy should include the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These are important to help the development of the fetus, prevent prematurity and improve brain development. Most diets are deficient in these nutrients. Fish oil is a good source and the supplementation of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA eicosapentaenoic […]

Pregnancy Basics

During pregnancy your baby is inside the amniotic sac which is a bag of fluid. The placenta transfers oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The umbilical cord connects the baby to the placenta. The uterus stretches as the baby grows.

During your pregnancy vitamin, mineral, protein,vegetable, fruit and water intake is very important. It is also […]

PUFA’s and EFA’s

PUFA’s are the polyunsaturated fatty acids and the EFA’s are essential fatty acids. Over the past few days we have been going over the benefits of these, especially of DHA and EPA, before and during pregnancy and while nursing. The omega-6′s are in abundant supply in the typical US diet due to the high consumption […]

Pelvic ultrasound

Pelvic ultrasound based on sound waves helps visualize pelvic structures. During pregnancy screening and details of fetal anatomy can be imaged. Specialized ultrasounds in pregnancy will be addressed tomorrow under the OB ultrasound.

The most common reasons for obtaining a pelvic pregnancy are to help diagnose the causes of pelvic pain, painful periods, heavy and irregular […]

Labor Basics

If the contractions get progressively stronger, more regular and longer, labor has started. To make sure it is not false labor, take a warm shower. If the contractions slow down, it was false labor. If they continue as intensely or stronger this is the time to go to the hospital. If there is pink or […]

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