Topics of Interest


Optimal Diet

The Modified Mediterranean Diet provides many health benefits. It is based on plant foods.

EXCLUDED: meats, sweets, flour,fat, corn syrup and butter.

INCLUDED:Fresh vegetables, olive oil, legumes, nuts,(walnuts, pecans, almond and hazelnut), seeds, fresh fruits,herbs and spices.

Fresh fish, onion,garlic, tomato are also included.

For frequency, portion size and menu ideas there are many resources. This diet allows the […]

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is essential in bone repair and maintenance. Vitamin D is instrumental in calcium absorption. In cases of vitamin D deficiency osteoporosis is seen. 50% of adults are vitamin D deficient. Further, many adults who have the following factors are at higher than average risk of vitamin D deficiency:

1) Inadequate vitamin D intake

2) Dark […]