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Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection is the growth of pathogen bacteria in the urinary tract and this can be in the bladder (cystitis) or in the kidneys (pyelonephritis). Half of all females develop a urinary tract infection at some point. Most common bacteria found is E. coli. The incidence of this in urinary tract infection cases is […]

#1 Killer of Women? Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease kills more women than any other disease. This is 12 times as often as breast cancer related mortality. Women also have been victims of heart diease more often than men for over 25 years. The fact is that one in three women die unexpectedly of heart disease.
Generally there is very little chest pain, […]

Urinary Incontinence

In the US more than 50% of women over 60 are estimated to have urge urinary incontinence (leaking). OAB (overactive bladder) which consists of urinary frequency which can result in incontinence is estimated to cost $12 billion per year in the US. It is usually the result of the inability of the bladder to relax. […]


Cervicitis causes discharge, irritation, discomfort or painful intercourse, cramping, spotting or bleeding with intercourse. Many times there is no symptom and it is only discovered during the annual exam. Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix. This causes the cervix irritated and red, at times somewhat swollen. It is not always an infection or a sexually […]

The Obesity Epidemic and Metabolic Syndrome

The problem of obesity has now reached epidemic proportions in the US and is the single greatest healthcare problem and the most expensive in its effects. The Metabolic Syndrome which is a consequence of the obesity epidemic is alarming with increased insulin resistance, hypertension, blood profile that is prone to clots, low- level of vessel […]

Ovulation Induction

Lack of ovulation is the most common cause of female infertility. By inducing ovulation, a mature follicle can be developed and released. Half of all female infertility cases are related to lack of ovulation or irregular ovulation. Development of a primary follicle which is mature and ready to be released can be verified by a […]


FIBROMYALGIA is pain in many areas of the body for over three months due to increased pain sensitivity of the brain. There are related symptoms which accompany pain such as tenderness in many areas. The common accompanying complaints are sleeplessness, depression, slow or impaired cognition, forgetfulness, anxiety, stiffness, social and occupational impairment.

FMS (Fibromyalgia syndrome) is […]

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are smooth muscle cell tumors which are benign. They could be large and multiple. They are more common during the forties. 70% of women at age 45 have fibroids detected by ultrasound. Black women are twice as likely to have fibroids than white women.

The most common symptoms are heavy periods and pain or […]

Osteoporosis Risk

Osteoporosis risk factors are well known:

1) Smoking

2) Low calcium and Vitamin D 3 intake

3) Menopause

4) Small body size

4) Steroids and some anticonvulsants

5) Family history

6) Lack of exercise

7) Alcohol intake

8 ) Coffee, soda, caffeine

9) Estrogen deficiency


Painful Periods

This problem, also known as DYSMENORRHEA is the most common female health issue.

70% of teenagers have this problem.

15% of those have severe symptoms.

10 % of women with severe symptoms have pelvic abnormalities ( e.g. endometriosis).

These are the primary reasons for painful periods:

1) Smoking

2) Heavy periods

3) Low fish intake

4) Depression and anxiety

5) Sexual abuse

The following are […]