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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This condition is found in 5 to 10% of all women. 75% of cases are seen in obese women and 25% are seen in lean women. There is a familial or hereditary component, in that sisters of affected individuals also have this condition. It is characterized by an altered gene near the insulin receptor at […]

Sudden onset pelvic pain

Sudden onset pelvic pain is usually severe and can be associated with nausea, vomiting, fever or backache. It is an emergency and urgent management is required. The most common causes are gynecologic in origin such as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst, ruptured ovarian cyst, torsion of tube and ovary, fibroid degeneration or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Other causes […]

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

HPV causes cervical cancer, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and genital warts. There are over 100 different types of HPV. About 40 of these infect the genital tract. Types 16 and 18 cause 65% of cervical cancers. It is known that 20 million individuals in the US are currently infected and every year 6.2 million individuals become […]


Endometriosis affects females of the reproductive age. The inner lining ofthe uterus is called endometrium. This inner lining is normally built up monthly and shed during the period. Endometriosis consists of this type of endometrial tissue being found outside the uterus, in various areas. It usually manifests itself as nodules, lesions, implants or growths. More […]

You vs The Flu

The flu or influenza infects the nose,throat and lungs. Common symptoms are fever, chills, body aches, sore-throat,cough, fatigue and headaches. Some diarrhea and vomiting could occur. The flu spreads when someone spreads it through coughing, sneezing. Social distancing of about six feet can help protect you.

Frequent hand washing with soap for about 15 seconds is […]

The Common Cold vs H1N1

There are several differences in the way these two entities present clinically. Here we will list the differences in symptoms of the cold versus H1N1.

1) FEVER is rare with a cold. However in 80% of all flu cases fever is present. Temperature over 100 for a few days is seen with the flu.

2) COUGH With […]


There are genetic factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease. These genetic markers  are identified at Washington University School of Medicine by Alison M. Goate and John C. Morris. The genes recently identified are called clustrin (APOJ) on chromosome 8 and PICALM on chromosome 11. The clustrin gene is thought to be associated with the tendency to accumulation of amyloid and plaques. The PICALM gene is thought to […]

New Endometriosis Research

New endometriosis research indicates that the endometrial tissue which is in the endometrial cavity or other organs finds blood supply through angiogenesis, development of vessels, which results in inflammatory reaction and cytokine release and induction of TF (tissue factor). In order to eliminate TF a new compound called ICON (Immuno Conjugate).

In the sequence of clotting […]

Premature Ovarian Failure

This is the failure of ovarian function prior to 40 years of age. The pituitary hormone which stimulates the ovary to produce follicles (FSH) is high, but the ovary does not respond and consequently the serum estradiol levels are low. Periods are typically scant and rare. Some of the women with this condition may have […]

Pelvic Pain Questions

As previously discussed in our blog under Pelvic Pain some causes of pelvic pain are non-gynecologic and could be related to muscles, bladder, bones, joints, nerves, lymph nodes, bladder or bowel. To help elucidate the source of pelvic pain this brief questionnaire is helpful:

1) Do you have a problem with diarrhea or constipation? Does the […]