Your health and well-being before pregnancy have
significant bearing on your pregnancy and baby.

One of the common issues is excess weight and
weight gain, which can predispose to gestational
diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is much better to address this issue before
becoming pregnant.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant soon,
please contact me and see me to find out about
your nutritional needs. Many times we find out
the Vitamin levels particularly low and glucose
levels higher than normal.

The optimal time to normalize nutritional state
is before pregnancy.

If glucose levels are high and gestational diabetes
occurs, the baby may have issues with low glucose,
jaundice, low calcium and magnesium levels, increase
in red cells and difficulty in breathing after delivery.

If pre-pregnancy diabetes is present, it could cause
high blood pressure, miscarriage, increased amniotic
fluid, large infant, stillbirth or birth defects.

Healthy diet including all necessary protein, mineral
and micro-nutrient intake can prevent these issues
and help you have a normal pregnancy and healthy

Please contact me prior to conception or early after
conception to help you with the best experience.

Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG