When you are planning to become pregnant it is very helpful to review your health history and any medications you take.
Herbal products, even vitamins and especially drugs you take, including over the counter ones may have undesired effects on your pregnancy.
Weight, diet and lifestyle choices are important. If you have been taking medications for diabetes, high blood pressure or acne let you obstetrician and gynecologist know.
If you are on birth control pills currently and will try to become pregnant, it may take a few months before ovulation resumes after you stop the pill. The same applies with the birth control shot and implants.
If you have an IUD (intrauterine device), your obgyn doctor will have to remove it before you try to become pregnant.
Smoking, alcohol, drugs need to be discontinued and we can help you quit before getting pregnant.
Your diet, best vitamin and mineral supplements will be covered during the pre-pregnancy ob-gyn visit.