There are several differences in the way these two entities present clinically. Here we will list the differences in symptoms of the cold versus H1N1.

1) FEVER is rare with a cold. However in 80% of all flu cases fever is present. Temperature over 100 for a few days is seen with the flu.

2) COUGH With a cold there is usually a mucus producing cough. With the flu, there is a dry, non-mucus producing cough.

3) ACHES With a cold there are slight body aches. With the flu body aches are severe.

4) STUFFY NOSE With a cold a stuffy nose is usual and clears up in a week. With the flu stuffy nose is not usually seen.

5) CHILLS With a cold chills are not common. With the flu the incidence of chills is 60%.

6) FATIGUE With a cold there is mild tiredness. With the flu tiredness is mostly severe.

7) SNEEZING With a cold it is very common. With the flu sneezing is uncommon.

8) SUDDEN ONSET With a cold symptoms start over a few days. The flu starts suddenly over a few hours and hits hard with sudden symptoms of fever and body aches.

9) HEADACHE Unusual with a cold. Found in 80% of the flu cases.

10) SORE THROAT Common with a cold. Usually not seen with the flu. 11) CHEST DISCOMFORT With a cold it is mild or moderate. With the flu it is usually severe.