Pelvic ultrasound based on sound waves helps visualize pelvic structures. During pregnancy screening and details of fetal anatomy can be imaged. Specialized ultrasounds in pregnancy will be addressed tomorrow under the OB ultrasound.

The most common reasons for obtaining a pelvic pregnancy are to help diagnose the causes of pelvic pain, painful periods, heavy and irregular periods, cysts, infertility, delayed menses, postmenopausal bleeding and suspicion of abnormal pelvic findings. The benefits of ultrasound are the ease of performing, relatively wide availability, the safety and the fact that it is not an invasive procedure.

A full bladder facilitates visualization of pelvic structures. For infertility the ovaries and follicles in ovaries can be visualized. The structural anomalies can be detected in some cases. For ovarian cysts, ectopic, fibroids or endometrial thickness ultrasound is beneficial. For diagnosing developmental problems ultrasound can be helpful.