As previously discussed in our blog under Pelvic Pain some causes of pelvic pain are non-gynecologic and could be related to muscles, bladder, bones, joints, nerves, lymph nodes, bladder or bowel. To help elucidate the source of pelvic pain this brief questionnaire is helpful:

1) Do you have a problem with diarrhea or constipation? Does the pain become more intense with bowel movements?

2) Do you have a problem with, frequent urination, urgency, painful voiding and do you have to get up at night to use the bathroom?

3) Does the pain become worse when you stand, walk or exercise?

4) Did you have abdominal surgery or injury?

5) Do you have regular cycles and do you have pain related to you periods?

Based on your answers to these five questions the source of your pelvic pain can be determined and be treated. Please contact our offices @ 314-291-2140 and 636-928-1800 to schedule an appointment for additional assistance.