If the contractions get progressively stronger, more regular and longer, labor has started. To make sure it is not false labor, take a warm shower. If the contractions slow down, it was false labor. If they continue as intensely or stronger this is the time to go to the hospital. If there is pink or bloody show this is important. If the water breaks it will have the odor of bleach. If the baby is not active as before this is dangerous.

During labor the cervix dilates and the baby descends. If there is a problem with the progress of labor, this can be detected. Following the delivery of the baby, the placenta will be delivered. After delivery, breastfeeding is beneficial to the baby and it also helps to contract the uterus.

If you feel depressed following delivery, getting help is very important. Postpartum blues or depression are commonly seen. In case of heavy bleeding following delivery or increased pain, redness in breasts or inflammation of nipples, call your obstetrician. Also please contact your obstetrician if you have a fever over 100 degrees, vaginal discharge that smells bad, pelvic pain, burning on urination or painful urination.