There is vital information on this subject. Some of the causes of chest pain need to be differentiated from heart disease. Anxiety and indigestion could produce chest pain.


1) If the chest pain is mostly sharp, it is usually not related to the heart. Heart disease related chest pain is mostly described as discomfort, pressure, burning, squeezing or heavy feeling.

2) Heart related pain usually is aggravated with activity.

3) Heart disease related pain is not relieved by drinking water, eating food breathing fresh air.

4) Heart disease related pain is not relieved or aggravated by taking deep breaths or rubbing your chest.

5) Heart disease related pain keeps getting worse and is prolonged.

6) Heart disease related pain is usually diffuse and not only at a specific spot. It could radiate to the back, arm, shoulder or abdomen.

In case of the above findings call 911.