When we say Baby Blues this is not confined to the postpartum period. It is known that 20 % of women have depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy related stresses added to the preexisting ones bring new sets of anxieties and depression. This can be manifested in appetite and mood changes. Also irritability, lingering feeling of sadness, remorse, guilt, too much  or too little sleep, lack of joy, energy and concentration are signs of depression and anxiety. Antepartum depression, like postpartum depression impact the normal caring for the baby. It is also known to impact your physical health.

Antepartum depression is found to be related to preeclampsia, abnormal weight gain (excessive or inadequate). It is also known to be related to alcohol and drug abuse or suicidal thoughts. Other stresses such as family or relational issues, job loss, financial difficulties increase the level of anxiety and depression. If you have these problems it is best to talk to your doctor.