The amount of appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is dependent on pre-pregnancy weight.

  • If a woman is underweight prior to pregnancy, she may gain 28-40 lbs during pregnancy.
  • If she is of average weight pre-pregnancy, she may gain 25-35 lbs during pregnancy.
  • If she is overweight, she should not gain more than 15-25 lbs during pregnancy.
  • If she is obese, she should limit her weight gain to 11-20 lbs.

It is important to remember that overweight and obese women have higher risk of diabetes, hypertension and cesarean birth. Additionally, babies of overweight and obese women are also at higher risk of larger size, higher birth weight, being overweight as children, childhood diabetes and heart defect. It is best to avoid starchy or sweet snacks,foods, fried and fatty meals. 300 additional calories daily should be derived from vegetable sources. Sugar,sodas, soft drinks should be avoided.